Put your trust in our architect (arquitecto) in Ibiza

Build your home according to your individual desires and needs while living environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Our architect Carlos de Rojas will design for you the house of your dreams.

Carlos de Rojas Carlos de Rojas

We guarantee you a fair price-performance ratio, so that you will not pay more than 2500€ to 3500€ for the square meters. Our team consists of qualified architect and engineers who operate with advanced technology. Together we will plan the design and equipment of your dream house down to the finest detail.

Since 1995 we have been creating low-energy houses and passive houses - from holiday homes to single-family homes and multi-storey residential buildings. We plan your personal customized house and accompany you from the first draft to the final handing-over of the finished product. We combine practicality with aesthetics and place great emphasis on excellent energy efficiency when planning our projects. We work in record time, but in a considered and goal-oriented manner.

The aim of the entire planning and design process is always to incorporate as many of the customer's wishes as possible into the concept. This customer- and demand-oriented planning begins with a personal consultation and involves the customer through all phases of the construction process up to the handover of the house.

We work with Carlos de Rojas - most known - architect (arquitecto) in Ibiza

Changes are always made in tight coordination with our clients. You not only need to know what is going on, but also understand why a different approach or a change makes sense. Our responsibility in this procedure, which is based on cooperation with the client, is to propose various possible options and concrete approaches that are feasible and well-founded.

Whether low-energy or passive house, whoever has an energy-efficient house built by our architect, can be sure that all the standards and legal requirements that currently apply to building in the sector of energy saving are optimally met. This applies to all factors that are relevant to energy efficiency: from the optimum orientation of the house, to thermal insulation, choice of materials, building and heating technology. We work with technical engineering that is clearly geared towards the future, but has already proven itself in daily use and is quality assured.

The properties of our architect provide a healthy living environment for their residents.

A healthy life and the biological safety of the implemented materials are the main issues of tomorrow. With the experience over 25 years and our great sensitivity for a healthy living environment, we offer our clients excellent advice and assistance in the choice of materials, equipment and interiors. As experienced specialists, we know exactly what mistakes can occur that can turn out to be health problems. We use this knowledge to rule out health hazards caused by contaminated building materials.

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We take great care to ensure that our products are economically viable.

The higher investment costs resulting from sophisticated energy-efficient technology and green building materials should pay for themselves within clearly defined periods of time, so that building owners benefit measurably from lower energy costs in the medium to long-term. The timber frame construction method is now cost-neutral in the long term compared to comparable masonry constructions.

At the customer's request, fixed construction activities can be determined, which can be carried out by the customer himself in order to reduce additional expenses. The client retains complete control over the costs in each stage of construction. All proposals and contract decisions are made in close consultation with the client, thus ensuring optimum cost control.

When selecting suppliers, we pay particular attention to their existing skills and experience in order to avoid costly rework and quality defects on the construction site. Our many years of negotiation practice guarantee an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

We combine flexibility, cooperation and cost-effectiveness with a high degree of design, healthy living and energy efficiency in our dwellings. These characteristics form the basic framework for the construction of high quality homes.

Architect with knowledge (arquitecto) in Ibiza - Carlos de Rojas

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