San Agustin

San Agustin is one of the best preserved villages of the island. It seems that nothing could be this simple and beautiful architecture, the rectory, which stands at the back of the church as a stone tower in the sky is, and traditional houses, also called gennant "fincas" around the main square change. If you walk down the hill climbs along the way, we took a look at the surrounding fields, which are very famous for its vineyards from which a homemade red wine is produced fruity excellent quality. Also you can find many unspoiled beaches, such as Platges de Comte and Cala Bassa in the area.

The church, small and unadorned was blessed in 1806 and has a special feature: it is in fact the only church that faces west instead of south. The reason for this was that two different families insisted that the church should be built on their land. Finally, it was agreed and therefore, the church was built between both properties overlooking the houses of landlords.

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