Ibiza villas for sale with CW Group

Ibiza is increasingly becoming a destination for the upscale. Luxury is "in": the city of Ibiza is considered the most liveable in the Mediterranean, with the finest boutiques and various star restaurants spread across the island. Yachts worth millions are moored in the harbour's and more and more "rich and beautiful" are discovering the attractiveness and security of Ibiza and are setting up a second home here. No wonder that the demand for luxury real estate is constantly increasing regardless of the economic situation and that the true treasures in the best locations are becoming rarer. The value of a villa in Ibiza as an investment property cannot be overestimated!

The Ibiza villa as the most valuable of all properties

What actually distinguishes a villa from a house? A villa is necessarily associated with luxury, because a property that is called a villa is always unique, large and distinguished. A property of this type is far superior to a house in size, amenities, comfort, and most often, location. It can be a detached, sophisticated single-family or multi-family house by the sea, in the countryside, on the outskirts of the city or village, or a townhouse or even a city palace.

Luxury Ibiza villa for sale with sea view

The luxury villa by the sea with the corresponding sea view - this is probably the most valuable of all properties on Ibiza. However, the own villa at the golf course of the island is also in great demand. In most cases, the villas on Ibiza are of rather recent construction (and therefore also easier to maintain than, for example, an old finca).

The furnishings of the spacious rooms are of the finest, modern and of design, and only the highest quality materials have been invested in the construction and furnishings. The best is just good enough here! Pool and gardens are self-evident, many villas count a very large plot as their own. The neighbourhood in villa neighbourhood's is upscale and classy. For a villa on the Balearic Islands you should calculate at least a seven-digit range, from one million euros - which would still be a bargain - upwards.

Ibiza Villas in the most beautiful areas for sale

Especially in the segment of luxury real estate on Ibiza, Es Cubells and Vista Alegre play a leading role and offer true pearls among the villas. We have exclusive and magnificent properties in the most sought-after regions: in the southwest, for example, in Cala Jondal, Porroig, Vista Alegre, Es Cubells, Cala Tarida, Cala Vadella, Cala Moli, Cala Salada, Cala Garcio. As well as in the partly still very untouched areas in the northeast preferably in and around San Carlos, San Vicente, Cala Lenya, or San Miguel.

Picturesque Finca on Ibiza

Spectacular estates are also located on the west coast like at Cala Jondal, Cala Carbo, Cala Tarida, Cala Vadella as well as in the far north at San Mateo, San Juan, San Miguel and San Vicente and of course also in the interior of the island e.g. in Poig den Vals, Santa Eulaia, Santa Gerdrudis or San Lorenzo.

Especially valuable are our fantastic villas in the most exclusive area in Can Rimbau, Cap Martinet, Sestanyol, Roca Lisa, Can Furnet or directly in Ibiza's center like Jesus, Cas Mut, Molinos or Sarocca.

Only for the highest demands
Discreet, professional and tailored to the most demanding requirements, we make your dream of your own villa in Ibiza come true. Take a look at our portfolio: you will find over 500 villas for sale, without exception spectacular properties that are second to none and as unique and special as their buyers.

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