Large Villa in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the best places to go for the summer holiday. A Balearic Island of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is popular for the action-filled nightlife with many European nightclubs and summer outposts. And not only that! Ibiza also features quiet villages, yoga retreats and beaches lined with restaurants, shops, and bars. The serene sandy coves along pine-clad hills spread all over the coast have made Ibiza a vocation pacesetter with private swimming pools, Wi-Fi, Air-Con in all rooms, Gym, Garage and Electric gates being the main catch. The experience is magical! You want to live in Ibiza in a large villa? We are the solution.

Large villas in Ibiza perfect for family and friends

Reasons for a large villa in Ibiza:

  • discover the magic of Ibiza
  • beautiful beaches and stunning scenery
  • the best nightlife in Europe

Can Furnet – This is the biggest of the large Ibiza villas with a capacity of up to 12 sleeps. Located close to Jesus, this villa is ideal for gatherings that require a lot of space, an attribute that adds to the list of activities it can accommodate. For executive experience in an island that has wonderful views including harbor and the sea, this is the place for you.
Can Furnet

Cala Conta – This is one of the largest villas in Ibiza with a capacity of up to 12 sleeps. It is therefore the most ideal place for family and friends and generally any group that wishes to stay together. San Rafael stands out for its remarkable serenity and the expert design that makes the villa a good accommodation, fun-filled and relaxed throughout your stay.
Cala Conta

Near Ibiza Town – As the name suggests, this large villa in Ibiza is near Ibiza Town and features a very stylish holiday space with up to 12 sleeps. It is uniquely designed to fit activities like parties among other special events that you and your loved ones might want to hold. With a sleeping capacity of 12, Near Ibiza Town is the best value for your money.
New built contemporary villa in Can Furnet for rent

San Carlos – Ibiza Town is a large villa in Ibiza situated on a hillside right at the residential area of San Carlos with access to the sea. Its remarkable location coupled with the fact that it is only a 30-minute drive from Ibiza Town makes it all the more desirable and convenient. It has a capacity of 15 sleeps and has a lovely long swimming pool stretch.
Luxury villa for rent with direct access to bay and berth

San Jose – This gorgeous villa has a very beautiful swimming pool and stands out because of the unique views that confer both privacy and the luxury of phenomenal rural setting. Having a capacity of between 16 and 18 sleeps, Vista Alegre is one of the most recommended villas for rent. Here, only beautiful memories can be made and kept.
Contemporary style villa with great views for rent

Large villa to rent in Cala Jondal – Out of all the villas in Ibiza, this one is the only one that stands unique. Located near the Cala Jondal beach, Close to Cala Jondal has a remarkable privacy. To make it even more interesting, the sea view that is manifested here is beyond compare. With only a 12 sleeps capacity, this villa promises the best time in Ibiza ever!
Gorgeous sea views from hilltop modern property for rent

Rent the largest villa near Ibiza Town – Ibiza Town is a huge villa situated on a hillside right at the residential area of San Carlos with access to the sea. Its remarkable location coupled with the fact that it is only a 30-minute drive from Ibiza Town makes it even more desirable and convenient. It has a capacity of 15 bedrooms and has a lovely long swimming pool stretch.
Precious modern villa with great views in Talamanca for rent

Large villa in Ibiza - Can Rimbau – Popular for its modern look, Can Rimbau is a bedrooms holiday villa featuring incredible views right in the heart of Can Rimbau. It has a sleeping capacity of 10 people and stands the physical manifestation of organization, attention to detail and prowess in architecture and landscaping. The best place to be on Ibiza, the view is the best you can get.
Luxury Villa with best views in Can Rimbau for rent

All available for rent upon order, these large villas in Ibiza are best booked in advance before your holiday kicks in. With luxury and finesse as the primary objectives, the objective is to give tenants a great experience. There is always a limited supply for holiday villas, so the best time book is now. Your friends have probably already made their reservations.

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Villa life in Ibiza brings together high society from all over the world, welcoming travelers both on vacation and who make their year-round homes here. You will find a wide variety of communities rich in the Ibizan culture; there is something for everyone. Come to Ibiza to buy your next villa and rub shoulders with the rich and the famous.

Benefits of living in a large villa in Ibiza:

  • Enjoy the stunning views of Ibiza
  • Get plenty of space to relax and enjoy time with family and friends
  • Perfect for large groups or families
  • Luxurious amenities and finishes

large villa in Ibiza - spacious Floor Plans

Live like a king with spacious, open floor plans. These large villas are magnificent for entertaining guests and networking parties alike. Feel the breeze ripple in from the ocean, causing white linen curtains to sway with the wind, touching every part of your home away from home. Smell the salted air and marvel in the marble floors and counters that fill the entire community. The sheer beauty of these gigantic homes is enough to win your heart. With their beautiful courtyards connecting communities, you will have ample space to impress even your most high class of friends.

Modern architecture with an ancient past in a large villa in Ibiza

With the boom in tourist attention in Ibiza, many new villas and homes are being constructed. You will find new architecture with modern twists on ancient Roman designs. Some are stylized castles, while others look like something you would see in Hollywood with all the technological advances. The history of Ibiza, from the ancient Roman times, through Victorian, and even the touches of French culture have all helped to shape the landscape of their culture and the architecture of their large, luxury homes. Your taste of Ibiza can be made your own, by checking out the vast selection of designs for their large villa homes in Ibiza.

Large villa in Ibiza - local accommodations

No matter where you find yourself in Ibiza, you will never be far from local accommodations. Have a spa day in Las Salinas, rent a Lamborghini and head to Ibiza Town for a night of partying with live music, the possibilities are endless. If it is fresh food and culture, you are in search of, head to Las Dialias Hippy Market in San Carlos for the freshest foods and the best handmade goods on the island. All available villas on the island are near beaches with crystal clear water.

Luxury lifestyle with a large villa in Ibiza

Every type of luxury you could imagine can be found with large Villa life in Ibiza. That’s why celebrities such as Shakira and Michael Fassbender have made themselves at home here. Whether sailing, joyrides in luxury, spa days with treatments you won’t find anywhere else in the world, or all-night champagne parties are your go-to for luxury, Ibiza is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Why should I buy or rent a large villa in Ibiza?

With its stunning beaches, amazing nightlife, and beautiful landscapes, it's no wonder why so many people choose to spend their holidays or even the rest of their live in a large villa in Ibiza. The island also offers plenty of activities to do during your stay, from exploring historic sites like the old city of Dalt Vila to partying in some of the most popular clubs.

What are some of the best things to do when living in a large villa in Ibiza?

Ibiza is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason! There are plenty of activities to enjoy on this stunning Balearic Island, when you`re living in a large villa in Ibiza. Whether you’re looking to explore Ibiza’s vibrant nightlife, relax at one of its stunning beaches, or take a trip back through history with its cultural landmarks, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

How can I find the perfect large villa in Ibiza for my needs?

When renting a large villa in Ibiza, it is important to consider your needs. You need to think about the number of bedrooms you require, the size of the villa and its location in relation to local amenities. It is also important to research the quality of the facilities at the villa - such as swimming pools, gardens and other entertainment areas.

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