6 things you should consider before renting a villa in Ibiza

Renting a villa in Ibiza for either a long-term purpose or holidays is arguably one of the best things that can happen to you. With so many beautiful properties around the island, it’s easy to get carried away and book a place that isn’t quite right for you and your family or friends.

So, before you go renting a villa check out these 6 things to consider before renting a villa in Ibiza:

1. Budget

Apart from the beauty and everything that a villa comes with, you should also be concerned about how much you are planning to spend. You should create a budget of how much you are willing to spend on the villa you want to rent before reaching out to the owner of the villa. At CW Luxury Villas Ibiza, we offer villas for long-term rent at affordable prices. There is a villa for any budget you come to us with. We will provide you with a villa that suits your needs at an affordable rate. So, with us, you don't have to bother about money when renting a villa for long-term or holiday purposes.
6 things you should consider before renting a villa in Ibiza

2. Do you like the owner and vice versa?

This may seem like a trivial issue but it's not. When renting a self-catered property, you are essentially staying in a home that belongs to someone else. Whether you have direct contact with the owner or not, you will be sharing their space during your holiday or for a long time.

It doesn’t matter how lovely the house looks online if you don’t get along with the owner or how it is run by them. If possible, ask for telephone numbers and speak directly to them before making a booking or renting the villa. A good owner will be able to answer any questions you may have and put your mind at ease without sounding rude.

If they are not keen on speaking with you on the phone – alarm bells should start ringing! At CW Luxury Villas Ibiza, we are friendly with the occupants of our villas. We don't interfere with their privacy and we are always ready to solve what issues they may face while occupying our villa.

3. Comfort

Comfort is another important factor you should not take for granted when renting a villa in Ibiza. You will spend a lot of time in the villa, so you must be comfortable. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, then you may want to find a villa that is away from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza’s nightlife. Alternatively, if you are going to Ibiza for the party scene, then you will want to be near Ibiza Town or San Antonio.

The villa should also have everything that you need. If you are cooking for your entire group, then make sure there is enough cutlery and crockery. If your group wants to make use of the sun loungers by the pool, check that there are enough for everyone.

If you are concerned about entertainment, then the villa should have stuff like WI-FI, TV and DVD player or games consoles.

If you have kids, then remember to check what safety features are available at the property.

4. What's included in the price of your villa rental?

Before renting a villa in Ibiza, find out what is included in the price of your villa rental and what extra things are chargeable. For example, how many people can fit in the villa? Are maids services available for an extra fee? What about a private chef? You may also need to pay for heating or air conditioning if you travel during the summer or winter months.

If your villa rental includes daily maid service, find out exactly what is included in that service and what isn't included. For example, will they wash up dishes and do laundry? Or perhaps it's just tidying up and making beds? Will they cook meals for you or just drop off breakfast in the morning? What time will they arrive and leave each day? If you are only staying there for the holiday, make sure that everyone on board knows the answer to these questions before your vacation begins.

At CW Luxury Villa Ibiza, we provide you with only the services you request, we don't impose any of our services on you. That's why you should consider renting a villa with us.

5. Facilities

Before you consider renting a villa in Ibiza, you should look out for the facilities the villa has and see if they are the type of facilities you like. If they don't have the type of facilities you like and you end up renting a villa with them, you may not enjoy your stay there. So, always request to know the facilities a villa rental has before renting a villa with them.


If you are very big on scenery or views, then you should look out for that when renting a villa in Ibiza. Do you want a sea view or a countryside view? Do you want to be able to see a beach from your balcony? These kinds of questions will guide you when choosing to rent a villa. If the villa you want to rent doesn't have the type of views you want, then you shouldn't rent it.


You’ve now got a good overview of the important things you should consider when renting a villa in Ibiza. Now is the time for you to reach out to CW Luxury Villa Ibiza so they can help you find the villa that's perfect for you. They offer villas for long-term rental or holidays.

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