Roca Llisa In Ibiza

Roca Llisa, known for its huge urbanization, is located midway between Ibiza and Santa Eulalia. Specifically located between villages Jesús and Cala Llonga, Roca Llisa is considered the best urbanization on the entire Island. Unlike other frantic spots, Roca Llisa can be described as being peaceful and scenic.

As a result of its luxurious scenery, this amazing site is a huge spot for tourists all over the world. Also, it is filled with so many amenities that assure the comfort of so many tourists; Bars, banks, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Also, Roca Llisa has two key areas:

The Sea Side: A very attractive hilly terrain facing towards the sea, southwest. Buildings created on this terrain guarantees breathtaking views of the sea, as they have been built on high terrain.

The Golf Side: This area entails two beautiful golf courses on the island; Golf Ibiza & Golf Club Roca Llisa. While Golf Ibiza possesses 18 holes, Golf Club Roca Llisa has only 9.

An interesting history Of Roca Llisa

The urbanization of Roca Llisa was first thought of in the '60s before any processes began. However, from as early as the '70s, Roca Llisa has reached its construction standards. Filled with amazing architectural structures laced by countryside scenery and nature, this spot has some of the most exclusive clientele.

Presently, Roca Llisa offers some of the best choices of a second or principal home and amazing tourist attractions. It, also, offers an amazing wellness center great for people who love yoga and other holistic treatments.

Roca Llisa's Climate

Roca Llisa is blessed with a favorable climate for most parts of the year. This is another feature that makes it great for tourists.
The weather condition is usually neither too hot or cold. However, August summers can get a little hot at 24.7°C. Wintertime in Roca Llisa is relatively cold with February having the lowest temperature at 10.2°C.

Luxury villas In Roca Llisa

With the major advancements achieved in this amazing spot since the '60s, there is an array of luxury villas Ibiza to choose from. Some of them are:

Villa Jade – Located in one of the safest, residential area of Roca Llisa, Villa Jade is an amazing residence that offers a quiet ambiance and beautiful view of the sea.

Bel Air Villa – Another beautiful option is Bel Air Villa. Just a few minutes away from Santa Eulalia, this villa offers a luxurious architecture amidst other splendid perks.

Villa Morgana – This beautiful villa offers two separate villas in one; the main villa & pool villa. The main villa is located atop the hill and offers iconic views of Salinas, Cap del Falco and Ibiza town.
The pool villa, however, is located below the main villa within the beautiful garden.

Villa Infinity – This luxurious villa boasts of an outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, a beautiful garden and free Wi-Fi. There are, also, amazing interest spots like beaches and supermarkets close by.

To wrap It Up
If you're searching for a beautiful spot to spend your vacation, then Roca Llisa is an amazing option. Great for family, this location offers a variety of amenities, as well as, memorable, scenic views.

If you search for a villa in Roca Llisa in Ibiza, please contact the luxury villas Ibiza team !!!!!

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