San Carlos – The Bohemian Hub of Ibiza

San Carlos is known as the bohemian hub of Ibiza, with it’s chill hippy vibes and free spirit. The quaint village is alive with local shops and bars with a home like feel in the lap of luxury. The luscious green spaces of the area are filled with almond and fig trees, filling the air with an aroma of delicate fruits mixed with sea salt. San Carlos is the home of the annual Ai Carai musical festival held in June. The art culture of Ibiza is alive and well in San Carlos as it brims with intellectuals, artists and musicians.



While in San Carlos you have to take a trip to the Bohemian market at Las Dalias Hippy Market on the outer lying edge of the village. Experience the handcrafted art and take home fabrics, leatherworks, and original jewellery pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Las Dialias amazing market has been open since 1954 and is a great venue for weddings, music festivals, and communions. While taking a shopping trip here you are sure to experience traditional Ibizan culture as it is a prime venue for locals. Celebrities such as Bob Marley, Brian May, Mike Oldfield, Ronnie Wood, Led Zeppelin and Bob Geldof have been spotted enjoying the local cuisine and shopping in this one of a kind market.



Cala Nova and Cala Leña are both found near San Carlos, and are some of the more tranquil beaches on the island of Ibiza.

Cala Nova is renown for it’s great surfing waves that the island’s dedicated surfers show off on. There is a beautiful nearby cabana with lots of shade where you can view the talented surfers when the wind is just right.

Cala Leña is about ten minutes from the main town of San Carlos and provides spacious shaded parking. This beach is a more quiet and tranquil place even during peak tourist seasons, and has plenty of sheltered areas to enjoy a daytime picnic.

Dining and Drinks

Bar Anita and Las Dalias both offer fine local cuisine and a taste of local flavor.

Las Dalias many vendors include local chefs with a plethora of options. The main Las Dalias restaurant began in the 1960s when tourism began hitting the island in mass droves, and still offers all you can drink champagne, free flamenco shows, and all you can eat Mediterranean chicken.

Head over to Bar Anita if you are looking for a quick snack and a small taste of local cuisine. They are surrounded by beautiful architecture and in the heart of the town. Known as the "hippy bar", you are sure to meet some of the more interesting characters that Ibiza has to offer and you may even rub shoulders with some of the celebrities that patron the island


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