San Juan in Ibiza – A Piece of Ibizan History

San Juan is the ideal inland village on Ibiza. They hold true to their ancient traditions and offer an authentic look at traditional island life. From their locally sourced dining, to their ancient shrines, this is a spiritualists dream getaway destination. Let go of all your worries and head over to San Juan for a refreshing taste of culture, and some fine dining as well. Don’t forget to stop at their artisan market on Sundays for the best locally soured foods.



Café Gibri is a high class restaurant in this tiny town that emanates sophistication. This hidden gem will take you away from the madness of party life for a first class experience with fine dining and excellent service. They offer traditional dishes as well as many vegan and vegetarian dishes, and are willing to bend to dietary needs to ensure the best experience is had by all their patrons. The special touch is their personal garden which they use to source many of their herbs directly. You can’t get any more organic and local than this wow factor of a restaurant that goes above and beyond.

Ancient Traditions

San Juan is one of the quieter towns in Ibiza, holding tight to it’s ancient roots and Pagan traditions. Es Culleram, a cave dating back over two millennia hosts an ancient shrine to the Goddess Tanit, who has been worshipped by Romans, Puinics, Phoenicians, and later adopted by the Berber people.

The Festival de San Juan provides spiritual awakening and a lightening of the soul, and is open to outsiders. The festival is of the village’s patron Saint, Saint John the Baptist, and is celebrated by letting go of all of the bad things of the past and welcoming a better future. This is done by making a list of all the bad things that have happened, lighting it on fire, and then jumping over the fire to let go and move past them. Afterwards, make a list of all the good things that you want to happen in the upcoming year and hold on to it.


Sunday is the day to visit San Juan if you are coming to shop. Come enjoy the artisan market open every Sunday at the village square across from the church. This market is the ideal place to find crafted Hierbas, which is liqueur has its roots on the Balearic Islands, originally used for medicinal purposes by monks in the 17th century. The artisans here also offer leatherworks, handmade jewelry, candles and a variety of other crafted goods.

If you are looking for organic foods to take back to your villa and cook yourself, look no further. You will find spices, freshly baked breads, and organic produce such as olives, figs and dates. The farmers here take pride in their produce and provide the best quality you can find on the island.

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