Where is Ibiza

Ibiza is a Spanish island off the coastline of Spain and is the midway point between the mainland and the more massive island of Majorca, and is within the Balearic islands. Due to being in the Mediterranean Basin, it has a hot climate year-round, making it an excellent destination for yacht clubs, luxury parties, and deluxe villas.

Yacht and sailing clubs

At Sant Antoni de Portmany in Ibiza, you will find the Ibiza Yacht Club, home to high class and sophistication in the heart of party city. With luxury clients from across the globe, the yacht parties here are surpassed by none. This yacht club and many other high-class yacht clubs exist for those who enjoy sailing and own a yacht or will own one soon. Thinking of getting a yacht and don’t have one yet? Just go ahead and rent one for a day to host your luxury event and see what all the hype is about with sailing.

Villas for sale

Luxury villas in Ibiza are a hot ticket item, as the island is growing at an unbelievable pace. Their villas are fit for royalty, with oceanside views, and open floor plan architecture. Many of these villas come with vineyards, courtyards, water fixtures, and fountains. Imagine sipping the best Spanish wines that you procured at your very own personal grotto before sailing off into the sunset on your very own private yacht. Now that’s the dream we all can share with a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Luxury beaches

Ibiza has the best beaches in the world, with a fantastic climate perfect for sailing or swimming year-round.

Benirras beach – On the Northwest coast, close to San Miguel, it's the ideal mix of the territory's sheer physical magnificence; a minimal, safe, excellent white shoreline; and the absence of new development that makes it a definitive Ibiza shoreline.

SesSalines – About 15 minutes outside of Ibiza Town, music and party life is nonstop day and not on this beach. The DJs don’t stop, and with the high saline content of the water at this beach, it’s an ideal spot for floating and tanning in the sea.

Talamanca – Only one mile from Ibiza, close to the Cruise Ship Port, this beach features a beautiful boardwalk with luxury dining right off the coast.

Playa d'enBossa – Just 10 minutes from Ibiza Town, this is both the largest and most popular beach on the island, which features the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. This beach is the premiere spot for a day of excitement, but don’t plan to relax here beachside, as it is always packed with partygoers.

Pou des Lleo – Northeast of Santa Eulalia, this is the beach to go to for a day of peaceful bliss and relaxation. The main attraction at this beach is snorkeling and scuba diving in their crystal clear waters.

Invest now

If you are wondering if you should invest in real estate and villas in Ibiza, the answer is yes, and you need to do it now. The market is booming while the popularity of the island is growing. Recent census reports have shown a 500 percent increase in the island’s inhabitants and that number is only rising, with people across the world attracted to the luxuries that this mysterious island off the coast of Spain has to offer. The demand for these villas will only increase over time, making your investment worth every penny and more.

Now you know where is Ibiza !!!!

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