Ibiza's traditional architecture combined with modernity

Blakstad Ibiza

Ibiza's traditional architecture combined with modernity, this is basically the style of the Blakstad design.

Blakstad masterfully fuses the basic elements of Ibiza's architecture with contemporary style without leaving behind functionality, but always respecting Ibizan origins. Talking about Blakstad is, nowadays in Ibiza, a guarantee of excellence, prestige, quality and beauty. Through the fusion of tradition with cutting-edge design, the best materials and new technologies, Blakstad has created a recognisable signature throughout the island that goes far beyond.

Rolph Blakstad studied medieval and Renaissance art and architecture in Florence.

A trip to Morocco inspired research into Islamic design, which led him to investigate the history of architecture in Ibiza. In 1956 he moved to Ibiza from Canada, in 1967 he founded Blakstad Design Consultants and published his renowned and influential book La Casa Eivissenca / The Ibiza House in 1996.

His sons Rolf and Nial Blakstad run the family business in Ibiza today, and with their collaborators, they offer their experience to guide the client from the search and acquisition of the perfect property in Ibiza to the architectural and interior design, planning, construction and landscaping. How we live is so important as where, and that's why each Blakstad project is evaluated and developed through the lens and lifestyle of each client.

Here some nice projects of Blakstad

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