The capital city is located in the town of Ibiza. In the fortress, which was declared a World Heritage Site, meander many narrow streets and there are other attractions like a castle and a cathedral in it. The construction of this plant was commissioned by Philip II of Spain in order, Eivissa became an important strategic point in their Verteidiungspolitik for the Mediterranean. The purpose of this fort was to avoid or prevent invasions and looting by pirates. He was the engineer italienishce Giovanna Batista Calvi this ambitious project, namely the construction of retaining walls made. Later, the brainchild of James Paleazzo Fratín has been extended and applied. Construction began in 1554 and should have lasted for 31 years until the project is completed.

Today, the original historic center of Dalt Vila has become an outdoor museum. Now it is a place where visitors can trace all traces of these peoples who settled on the island, including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims until the conquest of Catalonia in the 13th century The main gateway to historic angehachsten within Drawbridge Portal Ses Taules or Mercat Vell. There are other beautiful doors that give entry to this historic complex, these include Portal Nou, which is right next to the Reina Sofia Park.

Inside the fortress, there are other attractions worth visiting: the Cathedral, the church of Santo Domingo, San Ciriaco chapel and the Diocese of the city whose cloister all year, serves as headquarters for major exhibitions, concerts and cultural events , Finally, there is the archaeological Musueum where you can find an impressive collection of objects and pieces that belonged to the ancient inhabitants. The dating of pieces ranging from prehistoric times to the medieval Islamic farther there are signs everywhere not only show visitors where they are located or where to go, but also provide information on the history of the citadel and the magnificent castle, which will soon become a Parador hotel.

Both the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Puget Museum are both in Dalt Vila, as well as the interpretive center Yabisa Madina, dipping to use modern visual technology in the history of the city visitors.

Located in the historic Dalt Vila pervasive history and charm of a lively cosmopolitan city gather together. Life takes place in the plazas (Plaza de la Vila, Plaza de Sa Carrosa) or on the street of the Virgin, which represents the multicultural charm of the city. Because there are many craft shops, art galleries, hotels and restaurants people worldwide.

Each year, the second weekend of May, there is something to celebrate in Dalt Vila: then celebrate the representative of the institution and residents that the city was declared World Heritage. The fortress transformed this weekend in a medieval fair in the game of people, artists, musicians and confectioners are produced and put your skills to the test. In addition, there are spectacular views of the coast and harbor. The three-day festival, free, for all to come and then gather each year about 100,000 people in this festival.

Apart from the magnificent fortress, there are other interesting places worth visiting, as the necropolis of Puig des Molins. This place served for over a thousand years as a cemetery and today with its 3,500 underground tombs and ancient irrigation system, known as "Portals Feixa", the site was declared a monument of the government of the island.

Eivissa City offers a wide range of services for travelers and residents. These include hospitals, pharmacies, banks, consulates of European countries and shopping as Barrio de la Marina, Park Plaza, Paseo de Vara de Rey, Avenida de Espanya, Bartolomé Roselló Street and Avenue of Isidora Macabich.In the latter, there are several bus stops and taxi stands where visitors can travel to verschiednene places on the island.

The Barrio de la Marina is a district that has grown around the harbor and where many ships and Frachschiffe create or depart back to / from Denia, Valencia or Barcelona. This area is very popular with those who like to shop or just want to enjoy their leisure time. Many shops and entertainment venues can be found in the marina of the city located in the Marina Botafoc. The expansion base Botafoc cruise offers a magnificent view of the Dalt Vila, not given for free to one of the most popular places for walks.

Scattered along the coast, there are several beaches such as Talamanca and Platja d'en Bossa, where visitors can practice all kinds of water sports. Another beach, namely Ses Figueretes is directly accessible from the city center.

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