Cala Moli

Surrounded by pine forests and Mediterranean vegetation, you can enjoy this lovely little cove and the nearby cliffs overlooking s'Espartar Island and the west coast of the island. It is a quiet place to take a bath and relax.

Moli beach is located about 7 km from Sant Josep and 24 km from Ibiza. It has a length of 75 and a width of 35 meters. He is also one way or facing west and consists of natural sand thickness. The beach environment is natural, however, is in their environment a residential area. If you look at the seabed, which falls on you that which is composed of sand and gravel and rocks and alternates in their underwater vegetation. The sea itself has an average depth and gentle dispositions.

"Cala Moli - natural and sustainable"

The mayor of Sant Josep de sa Talaia tried a angeneheme, natural and perfect the beach users - bid received Ibiza Bay. This is just one of the objectives under the program - I want to be "natural and sustainable Cala Moli" is achieved. During the year, the City of Sant Josep a special experience in the pristine nature of the bay of Ibiza is planning an innovative project on the island legs Besuchenr supply.

Under this idea, a "social conscience is Day" abehalten in which, among other things, the sea floor is cleaned so that users of the beaches aware how important it is to conserve the environment.

The decision to remove all the chairs on the beach, which has fallen, the City Council with the support of other measures: What is the installation of a health system and containment of Cala Mali in the list of blue flags. This will help create a more natural picture from the beaches and deliver sustainable development activities in this region. The main objectives of Stadtradts be to allow better access to post signs, cleaning beaches and seabed, controlling the development of urban planning in this area, offering services and ensure their safety.

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