Airbnb Ibiza - Why You Should Always rent a Villa In Ibiza from CW Group?

Traveling and exploring beautiful places worldwide is a fantastic thing to do. Today, it is scientifically proven how miraculous benefits can be achieved through travel - it helps reduce stress, enhances creativity, ensures overall well-being, and whatnot. So it is a good idea to travel whenever you can. Yeah, work is important but breaks in between are equally important.

Airbnb in Ibiza - Why You Should Always rent a Villa In Ibiza from CW Group?
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If you are planning to travel, your next destination should be Ibiza. It has so many refreshing and cool places to visit with a lot of exciting and thrilling things to do. And you don’t need to worry about Airbnb, because our CW luxury villas Ibiza team is there for you! Always happy to help!

We have the most exclusive villas in Ibiza. No doubt, airbnb is one of the biggest rental portals but when it comes to luxury villas, we are the ultimate prime choice! Why? Because we have diverse villa options having the largest villa portfolio!

Reasons why CW Group is the Best choice for Airbnb in Ibiza!

The Largest Portfolio

Again, we have a variety of villas ranging from 5.000, - to 50.000, - per week. Our portfolio is broad and our prices are guaranteed to be the best because we work directly with the owner! We guarantee that you will get your information, many fraudsters use Airbnb to steal deposits.

So whether you are traveling as a couple or in a group with friends or with your family, CW Group has got your back in all scenarios. You can find a villa, fincas and apartment that suits your preferences perfectly. Contact us now!

Diversity is the key!

We have as many luxury villa options as one can look for. For every taste and every need, we have got something. Among so many amazing options a few are listed below which you can still find on Airbnb:

Romantic and antique Villa with Historical Defense Tower

If you aspire to spend some quality time with the love of your life, this villa is the best choice for you. Beaches like Las Salinas, Es Cavallet, and Cala Jondal are a few minutes away from here. You can find a newly built swimming pool, rustic dining salon, private parking, and porch here.

Not only that but also there is a big outdoor space. So a perfect summer time with your partner can be spent well here!

Romantic and antique Villa with Historical Defense Tower
Romantic and antique Villa with Historical Defense Tower

Modern villa with direct access in Can Bap for rent

If you are traveling to relax your mind or you are the one who’s into mediation and mindfulness, then this villa option is the one you should opt for. Because,you can find utmost peace and calm here. The villa is designed in a way that ensures you enjoy nature fully.

Besides that, if you love sunsets then this villa is a perfect place for you. Here you can enjoy your cocktails whilst watching the breathtaking sunset view.

Modern villa with direct access in Can Bap for rent
Modern villa with direct access in Can Bap for rent

Villa Amantiga for rent in Ibiza

If you are traveling with friends or family, then this villa is a supreme choice. Why? Because it is possible here to live completely separate and close to each other at the same time. This villa can accommodate 12 people, so perfect for group tours!

Also, near this villa, you can find many amazing beaches like Las Salinas and Es Cavallet. Ibiza town and airport are also a few minutes away from here.

Villa Amantiga for rent in Ibiza
Villa Amantiga for rent in Ibiza

Beautiful attractive and minimalist villa in Roca Llisa

In this adorable villa, there is a swimming pool of 18 meters. Besides that, a big patio with a barbecue and a zone for badminton is there to make sure you can have a great summertime. Not only that but also, it has parking for 4 cars.

Very well decorated with all the services and facilities that ensure you’ll have more than amazing vacation time.

Beautiful attractive and minimalist villa in Roca Llisa
Beautiful attractive and minimalist villa in Roca Llisa

We have Got Everything for Every Taste

We have a variety of luxury villa options that one can wish for their dream vocation. For example,

  • If you love incredible sights of the sea, Villa placed on a hill in Sa Carroca, is there for you. You can enjoy amazing views from here.
  • If you love green gardens and views outside, the villa placed in Playa D'En Bossa is perfect in this regard.
  • If you are a party-holic, a Luxury villa located in one of the best areas of Ibiza close to Cala Jondal should be your priority place as there are a lot of cool local bars and restaurants by.
  • And the list goes on and on, but long story short, here you can literally find every kind of villa for your wonderful Ibiza trip.

All our Villas are Luxurious and you cant find them on Airbnb.

No matter which portfolio category villa you opt for, we make sure to provide you with well-facilitated rentals. Here is the list of services you’ll be getting in our villas:

  • Garden
  • Pool
  • Parking
  • Terrace
  • Well Furnished and Equipped interior.
  • And many more.

Every luxury that should be there, is actually there! Amazing! Right?

Parties, clubbing, Pubs, yachts, boats, and whatnot!

We have truly got EVERYTHING for you. Here’s what you can look for:

Clubbing Resorts

Nightlife has the ultimate charm in Ibiza. There are lots of happenings at night that continue till morning. There are musical concerts, nightclubs, dancing events, and late-night parties. And many Clubbing resorts, like:

  • Privilege
  • Es Paradis
  • Sankeys
  • Quelle
  • Destino
  • Pacha
  • Lio
  • Heart
  • And many more.
Yachts and Boats

Visiting Ibiza and not experiencing boating makes no sense at all. That’s why to ensure that your trip is exhilarating, we organize many amazing boating and sailing experiences including yachts and boats.

So if you are a Yachts enthusiast traveling to Ibiza is a must for you! And let our CW Group help you find the perfect villa, there. Contact us now!

Summing it Up!

It’s true that airbnb has many villa options but you can find the most exclusive villas in Ibiza through CW Group. We have got not only a diverse variety but also we have many other amazing things that one desires for an incredible vacation.

Be it night parties and clubbing, we arrange everything so that you can have a wonderful traveling experience in Ibiza. You can also find so many clubbing resorts here. Not only that! But also we have yachts and boats for a true island experience.

Long story short, CW Luxury Villas Ibiza has got literally EVERYTHING for a perfect Ibiza trip!

Have questions or need some guidance? No worries, our CW luxury villas Ibiza team is here! Feel free to contact us and let us help you find the perfect luxury villa in Ibiza!

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