Container pools for private use if you cannot build a pool legally

You have or want to buy a property on Ibiza and cannot legally build a pool, so you have the possibility to use a prefabricated pool or container pool. These pools can be removed quickly and are not illegal.

Very brave people can also help themselves and convert a 20-foot or 40-foot sea container into a pool - if they have the necessary technical background knowledge. Sea containers are very robust and wind - and waterproof from the outside. This requires professional welding work. Also the usual wooden floor is naturally not suitable as a pool base.

And a 40-foot container in particular has an optimum length for a few swimming strokes. In the standard version, however, with a total height of more than 2.50 metres, it is usually too deep for a pool. However, cutting to the correct size should be carried out by an expert who also keeps an eye on the statics.

What also needs to be considered: a drain if the pool needs to be thoroughly cleaned and/or the water needs to be changed, a pump system with filter, inlet and outlet pipes, the power supply, any kind of protection (railing, tarpaulin etc.) and, last but not least, the floor space on which the container is to stand.

We will help you to buy a pool.

  • Swimming pool container made of 40 feet (12 m x 2.45m x 1.40 m) recycling cut, leaving a depth of 1.40 mt.
  • Preparation of container by means of horizontal cut, forming raft of water and swimming pool of 1,40 m of depth.
  • Superior pool rivet formed by 100 mm thick steel tube, welded to existing container sheet and subsequently sealed. Reinforced in upper part.
  • Sanding and caulking of the floor to receive the finishing material.
  • Exterior coating for burying the raft with special boat antioxidant with aluminium particles (powerful oxide encapsulator) Includes painting of side view areas colour to choose RAL chart.
  • Interior finishing of the swimming pool, maintaining the container's own corrugated sheet, made up of projected liquid sheet or polyester forming a 3 mm thick layer, applied directly to an existing support. Finish colour to choose RAL.
  • Complete standard chlorine purification kit integrated in swimming pool with all accessories. Includes skimmer, sweeper intakes, 2 impulsions, sump, purification and all cleaning accessories.


  • CONTAINER 6 METERS POOL : 13.875 € + VAT.
  • CONTAINER 12 METERS POOL : 19.750 € + VAT.
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