Our fantastic frontline houses for sale in Ibiza.

Ibiza's coastline is simply breathtaking and therefore frontline houses are in high demand. CW Group Ibiza has a wide selection of glamorous seafront villas that offer unparalleled views and have direct sea or beach access.

Frontline houses are the most exclusive and popular houses on the beautiful island of Ibiza. The breathtaking views are an irresistible argument for investing in a frontline property. Our selection of prime houses ranges from villas to penthouses and land plots. Find your dream frontline property in your favorite part of the island of Ibiza and enjoy sea views day after day.

Whether you want to buy a property in a quiet place without neighbors or you are looking for a beachfront apartment in a busy area, we have a solution for every need and dream. Our first class houses will take your breath away!

Apartments and penthouses in the frontline of the sea.

Maybe your dream is to own a small but still luxury villas on the island, a small oasis where you can find peace after a busy week, or simply as a vacation property. Our apartments and penthouses in the first place are the real thing.
Frontline houses on Ibiza

We offer apartments in beautiful communities and quality areas such as Roca Lisa or Vista Alegre, Marina Botafoch, Talamanca or San Antonio and in many other popular areas throughout the island of Ibiza. These communities or apartments in a touristy but exclusive neighborhood, offer a perfect beach retreat with amazing sea views to forget the hustle and bustle every morning. In addition, the communities offer many other amenities such as swimming pools and common areas.

However, the most attractive feature is the location wonderful beach front houses.

Villas and houses with sea view

If you are looking for tranquility, magnificent sea views and a very exclusive home on the island, these houses are for you!

Styles and sizes

When it comes to different styles and sizes of houses near the beach in Ibiza, there is a solution for everyone, no matter what you are looking for.

First and foremost, the penthouses and apartments vary in size and amenities - from modern to exclusive and high-end. But they have the most important thing in common: unforgettable sea views from frontline!

The advantages of a property located directly on the sea:

  • Unobstructed sea view
  • Mostly a distinct privacy
  • Direct often private sea access
  • High value stability due to constant demand
  • Some houses with beach access

Romantic beach houses on Ibiza
Beach houses are also occasionally for sale on Ibiza. These sought-after houses offer direct access to the popular beaches and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Fishermen's houses by the sea
Historically, the Ibizenkos have primarily engaged in fishing and agriculture. Only with the arrival of tourism other professions became important in Ibiza. Likewise, the small rustic fishermen's houses gained more and more popularity among foreign buyers. frontline and usually also the possibility to accommodate his boat or a private jetty are aspects that attract many prospective buyers.

Coastal protection law has great impact
In Ibiza, respectively in Spain you still have to consider the coastline respectively the coastal protection law. With the introduction of the Spanish coastal protection law "Ley de Costas", which regulates the protection and use of the coastal regions, it is particularly important for buyers of a property in the frontline to also consider this, or to have it checked. 3 protection zones define the usability of the property or the construction possibilities or better restrictions. Due to the complexity, we recommend that before buying a property in the frontline of the sea, to hire a lawyer to check it.

Always consult a lawyer before buying a property in the frontline

Sea access common in houses in the west and north of Ibiza
In the north and east of the island, houses in the frontline usually have convenient, private sea access, or access to the beach, while houses in the west and southwest of Ibiza are usually elevated and therefore have less direct access to the sea.

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