Las Salinas

The beach town of Las Salinas features expansive beaches, excellent dining options, exclusive clubs, and all-around resort town feeling. Las Salinas Ibiza natural park is a must-see. Enjoy a day of hiking with a group, either with a guided tour or on your own.


Water Activities on the Beach

The crystal clear waters provide an excellent backdrop for the many water sports and activities you, your friends, and family can enjoy in Las Salinas. Go out with a group and have a great day of excitement. The many guides and teachers here will walk you through everything you need to have a day of fun.

  • Kayaking – Take in the views of the nearby wooded pines, and stay in shallower waters while taking out a small, single-person boat.
  • Paddle Boats (Padelos) – Bond with your friends by renting a paddleboat to explore the water. Laugh together at the teamwork effort it will take to go where you want.
  • SailingRent a yacht and have an exclusive party on the water, or a smaller sailboat and feel like an authentic Spanish pirate.
  • Body Surfing – The waves here break just enough to be perfect for body surfing, even if it’s your first time. Grab a surfing instructor and hit the beach’s calm waters.

Natural Beauties

Las Salinas Ibiza natural park is a must-see. Enjoy a day of hiking with a group, either with a guided tour or on your own. Families visiting Las Salinas will enjoy seeing the wildlife, wooded hills, and serene waterways. Take in Mediterranean flora and fauna, with stunning vibrant flowers and plants not found anywhere else in the world. This park is the best place to take in all of the natural beauty that Ibiza has to offer, unspoiled by crowds of tourists.

Nearby Dining

Have a taste of the Mediterranean, enjoy fresh fruits, or even take in authentic Asian dishes in Las Salinas. Check out these restaurants for the best experience.

  • Boutique Hostal Salinas – The restaurant here is situated within Les Saline's nature reserve and gives a grand view of the beach.
  • Jockey Club – For a more authentic feel away from the party head to Jockey Club. Head out to the terrace and enjoy breakfast on the beach. Be sure to check out their fruit bar as well, with fresh local dishes that will leave you begging for more.
  • Sa Trixna – For a more casual dining experience where the party never stops head to Sa Trixna. Have your food and cocktails brought to you on the beach while you enjoy live music and festivities.
Beach Clubs

The beach clubs here offer extensive shorelines, impeccable beauty, and live music. Whether you are looking for something family-friendly, or want to party as you’ve never before, there is a beach club for everyone here.

  • Nassau – With a vast open stretch of shoreline, the beach club at Nassau has it all. Here you will enjoy a top of the line fashion boutique, first-class dining, and amazing events.
  • Bora Bora Beach Club – The quintessential place to party on the beach. The party never stops at Bora Bora, with events every day of the week. Celebrate all day on the beach, then move into the exclusive underground feel and extreme sound system of Bora Bora’s interior club and dance floor.
  • El Chiringuito Es Cavallet – For an experience like none other, the beach club here boasts one of Europe’s first-ever nudist beaches. Surround yourself in the beauty of the Salt Flats with crystal clear water in teal and deep blue hues. Enjoy full service while sunbathing, the staff here will go above and beyond to make your visit unforgettable with fantastic food and cocktails.
Nearby Villas

After a full day of partying on the beach, water activities, hiking, and fine dining, there is nothing better than relaxing in your own personal villa. Take a luxurious bath in their jacuzzi tubs, then step out to the courtyard to take in the natural beauty that surrounds you. The villas here boast modern architecture mixed with old country comfort.

Maybe instead of relaxing, you want to keep the party going once the clubs close. Take the party from the beach back to your place and amaze your guests with your own pool, lavish kitchens great for entertaining, and expansive floor plans.

If you are interested to life in Las Salinas visit luxury villas Ibiza and get the best villas for sale.

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