Portinatx in Ibiza

Portinatx is the Northern most bay on the island and is a secluded oasis apart from the party life of Ibiza Town or San Antonio. There are three beaches, an excellent resort-style community, and fantastic dining options.



There are many options for a day at the beach in the resort of Portinatx. Depending on your tastes, there is something to suit your style. There is even an expansive waterpark, diving school, and boat rentals at the beaches open to both locals and tourists.

  • S'Arenal Gros – the largest beach with the most accommodations, used mostly by families visiting the resort.
  • S'Arenal Petit – a quieter and smaller option, surrounded by rich flora and fauna.
  • Playa Porto – a beach surrounded by a rocky façade, visiting by rock climbers and hiking enthusiasts.



The highest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands is Punta Moscarter Lighthouse. Its tall beauty is a sight to behold, and it still functions to this day. The tower is needed for the port, which is surrounded in a beautiful rocky cliffside that you must see for yourself to take it all in. If you are staying in Portinatx and want a taste of the party life while staying safe, take a bus tour to the nearby Ibiza Town. If you are in more of a shopping mood and don’t want to spend the day driving, take a bus tour to Santa Eulalia and take the stop to Las Dalias Bohemian market.


Sailing, waterparks, golfing, karaoke, this resort town has it all. Take a tourist train to see the island if you are looking for more of a party scene. The entertainment found here is family-friendly and good, clean fun. Go out for a trivia night or sing your heart out at karaoke, and enjoy a round of mini-golf with the whole family. This little gem is the ideal town to visit with the kids.

Villa Life

Villas in Portinatx give you the best of both Ibiza, a coastal view and seclusion away from party life, without being so far off the grid that you can’t take a short drive to the nearby party cities. Those looking for a villa where they can feel comfortable with their children will love the options here. Imagine stepping out of your balcony to see the horizon of the sea and basking in the glory, then heading down to the yacht club for a peaceful day of sailing.

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