Here is Why You Should Definitely Visit San Antonio, Ibiza!

Heartwarming sunset view, electric nightlife, marvelous beaches, daytime clubbing, and whatnot - San Antonio, Ibiza has all the things that make it the dream destination spot for all who love traveling and partying a lot. As a matter of fact, it is considered the clubbing capital of the world. Amazing, No?

Why You Should Definitely Visit San Antonio
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So if you are a party goer (just like me), then adding San Antonio to your travel destination list can be the best decision of your life. Not only day clubbing but also San Antonio has so many reasons that make it one of the best travel destinations in the world. That’s why I have compiled everything you can explore in San Antonio. Now, let’s get started:

What Makes San Antonio, Ibiza a Must Visit?

A. The Spectacular Sunset Spots

First things first, sunsets and sunrises are always incredible to see despite the location but in San Antonio, you can enjoy the most incredible view possible. Sunset Strip, for example, offers the ultimate magnificent view. Due to the clean atmosphere and sea view near the strip, it provides an exceptionally amazing sight due to the refraction phenomenon that result in a color plate consisting of orange, yellow, pink, red, and violet colors. Nature is magnificent indeed, I cannot emphasize enough how breathtaking the view looks!

Similarly, San Antonio has many other amazing spots where miraculous sunset views can be enjoyed. Just imagine how soothing and relaxing it would be to enjoy your favorite cocktail in a fresh atmosphere lying on the sun bed far away from the city noise, watching an adorable sunset view.

The Spectacular Sunset Spots
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B. Most Beautiful, Facilitated, Shallow Water Beaches

San Antonio’s main beach is S'Arenal de San Antonio. It is facilitated well without messing with the natural view and feel. That means you can enjoy Mother Nature with all the facilities, be it bars, parasols, showers, Everything!

Not only that but there are also pedalos, boat trips, jet and water skiing for an utmost exciting experience. So if you are adventurous (just like me), this is another reason for you to include San Antonio in your travel wish list.

The beach is even more amazing to visit in the evenings as the view looks like the sun is submerged in the beach water. An incredible view, you should definitely watch it at least once in your lifetime!

Most Beautiful, Facilitated, Shallow Water Beaches
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C. Affordable yet Luxurious Accommodation

San Antonio provides a wide variety of accommodation options which are all reasonable. There are so many well-facilitated hostels and self-catering apartments -you can choose whatever suits you the best. If you are traveling alone, staying in the hostel is the best choice and with family, friends, and or your partner apartments can work well. Besides that, there are a lot of luxury villas and hotels that you can opt for.

Pro Tip: You can go for a private holiday villa if you are planning a group trip. It may sound a little more expensive but when you divide it among the group, it costs you as much as it would have in the case of apartment booking. So be smart and make your trip even more astonishing!

Do you want to have a perfect villa to rent for your San Antonio trip, contact us now at….and let us help you find a perfect hideaway for your perfect trip!

Also, if you want to have a dream holiday home or permanent residence in Ibiza, the CW team is there to help in getting the perfect property for you. Get in touch anytime.

Affordable yet Luxurious Accommodation

D. Daytime Activities and the Boat Partying

Boat parties - another wonderful thing that becomes everybody’s favorite who visit San Antonio. Any special reason? The DJs. Yes, most of the boat parties have well-known DJs playing music. Just Imagine, how astonishing the whole experience would be in an amazing place, with amazing music and an amazing cocktail in your hand. A mind boggling experience as a whole!

Other than boat parties, there are a lot of other adventures you can indulge in. The boat trip is one of them. Basically, on a boat trip, you can visit many beautiful beaches, for instance, the beaches of the west coast.

Also, if you are dance-o-holic, then daytime clubbing is going to be your favorite as you can enjoy dancing in or around the pool with the live music played by DJs.

Daytime Activities and the Boat Partying
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E. Nightlife, Live music, and Bars

Night activities at San Antonio are even more mesmerizing. In fact, it is called the clubbing destination for club enthusiasts. One big reason is that San Antonio has low prices in bars as compared to other spots in Ibiza.

You can enjoy your favorite drink and live music with a beautiful view outside. Besides that, there are also some really refreshing festivals like The Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. So if you are the one who loves festivals, then you should visit San Antonio in April, as there are ten days of citywide festive celebrations in April. So you can double the fun by visiting San Antonio during the festivals season.

Nightlife, Live music, and Bars
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F. Everything for Adventurous Souls: Scuba diving, Parasailing and Stand up paddle

For those who find peace in adventures, San Antonio is a perfect spot for them. There are stand-up paddle excursions through which you can learn how to do a standup paddle along with discovering hidden caves and many other beaches of Ibiza. An ultimate thrilling experience indeed!

You can have a bird's eye view of the beautiful San Antonio through parasailing. So, all the gliding lovers, San Antonio holds an exciting experience for you.

Scuba-diving is another enchanting adventure that you can do in San Antonio that will make your trip memorable for the rest of your life.

Everything for Adventurous Souls: Scuba diving, Parasailing and Stand up paddle

G. Water Sport Rides for Kids and Adults

San Antonio has a special kids' water ride named Banana Boats. So kids too can have a thrilling experience of water sport riding in San Antonio, Ibiza.

Flyfish is another exciting water sport for adults in which you feel like you are flying on the water. If you don’t have a big heart, it is not for you. Only real adventure lovers can go for this intense water sports ride. Basically, it has that thrilling feeling of getting towed by a boat and then bouncing on the waves. Wouldn't it be hair-raising? For sure, it would be!

So here you have it; everything that makes San Antonio, Ibiza a must-visit. Next time you plan to have a quality trip, go for San Antonio and you’ll be equally amazed by the experience as I was!

Water Sport Rides for Kids and Adults
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