11 Reasons Why Ses Salines is a Must Visit!

Ses Salines is an area of outstanding scenic and rural beauty. The name Ses Salines, itself gives a cool vibe and is also called Las Salinas due to the salt relevancy; there are many salt lakes in the south of Ibiza. That is why Ses Salines is commonly known as the salt beach of Ibiza.

11 Reasons Why Ses Salines is a Must Visit!
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One interesting thing about Ses Salines is that the railway tracks are still there that were used to transport salt through trains in the past. Exploring such historic places is always worth it, but Ses Salines has so many other incredible things that one should definitely experience at least once in a lifetime.

Why Ses Salines Is a Must Visit?

Why Ses Salines Is a Must Visit?
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The Uniqueness is the Key

Las Salinas is not like ordinary beaches, its crystal clear, warm yet shallow water makes it stand out among all. The sand dunes and the salt lakes are beyond imagination. The seawater waves are also admirable providing an ultimate calm and relaxing view as a whole.

The Uniqueness is the Key
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The Amazing Weather

In Ses Salines, the weather is always favorable for a perfect Ibiza vacation time. The overall atmosphere is cool there. The wind and the sea water compliment each other, providing a fantastic surrounding as a whole. Especially, from May to October, Ses Salines is full of travel enthusiasts because, during these months, the temperature is most favorable for a perfect beach time.

The Perfect Infrastructure

There is no doubt that Ses Salines is one of the most popular beaches in Ibiza because of its location. The beach is located near the airport, making it easily accessible for outsiders which is why an infinite number of beach lovers from all over the world visit it at least once a year. The location is convenient and favorable overall.

Ses Salines Is For Everyone

Whether you are traveling alone, with family, with friends, or with your partner, one thing is guaranteed 100% that the experience will be amazing in all cases. Because Ses Salines is a potential beach time spot for everybody. Even if you have kids with you, they will also have worth remembering experiences here as Ses Salines has so many heartwarming things to explore.

The Luxurious Rental Facilities

Here in Las Salinas, you’ll have the divine experience of the utmost luxurious stay. Villas for every taste and preference are available in different price ranges.

And for your stay in Ibiza, you don’t need to worry about your rental needs. Because CW Group has got so many exclusive villas, apartment, villas, fincas and land for your incredible stay in Ibiza. Contact us now for your rental needs, or your property purchase in Ses Salines, we are happy to assist!

Villa in good location of Menorca for sale - in Ses Salines de Fornells
Villa in good location of Menorca for sale - in Ses Salines de Fornells

The Incredible Bars, Restaurants, and Clubs

Nightlife in Ibiza is beyond everything. And Ses Salines has an equally wonderful nightlife experience for you.Here you can find marvelous bars, restaurants, and clubs. Also, dancing and music activities on the beach, happening both day and night times are more than amazing. The cocktails, the food, the beach, the views, everything together makes a perfect match for a perfect San Salines Visit.

The Astonishing Artwork

Ses Salines beach is good for walks on sunny days and the experience becomes even more amazing after the summer days. The Ses Portes tower can be reached on foot while enjoying a nice walk along the coast.

Sandstone from these coves has been used by anonymous artists to engrave these incredible inscriptions on small and sheltered sandy coves. They are worth watching, if you travel to San Salines, you must see this amazing artwork.

Surfing And Summer Walks

Las Salinas being the windy beach, is the favorite place of surfers. That is why during summers many surfers head to Ses Salines to take advantage of this fantastic windy atmosphere to soothe their souls. Also, the beach area is good for summer walks if you want to relax and take a break.

Surfing And Summer Walks
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The Perfect Surroundings

You can double the fun of your visit to Ses Salines because the nearby locations are also worth visiting. You can explore so many other places while you visit Las Salinas. For example, you can visit Colonia Sant Jordi which is close to Ses Salines beach. Also, there are historical towns like Campos, Santanyi, and Sa Rapita nearby. So, you can explore so many other places during your Las Salinas beach visit.

Fantastic Fun Activities

In Ses Salines, you can do so many fun activities like biking or cycling. There are so many areas made especially for such summer activities. You will see many cycling paths there.

Not only that but also, you can experience snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, and other such water-related sports in Las Salinas as the coastline is perfect for all these activities.

The World's Famous Vineyards

In Ses Salines, nearby regions you can visit Mallorca. This is the world’s largest wine region near the eastern town of Felanitx. There are so many other vineyards here that are worth visiting if you visit Las Salinas. So a day trip to Mallorca should be on your bucket list, for sure.

Summing it Up!

When it comes to natural and beautiful surroundings, Ses Salines is a good choice. The whole surrounding there is cool and pleasant with so many artistic and historical places to explore.

So if you ever plan to travel to Ses Salines, Let CW Group Luxury Villas Ibiza help you meet your rental needs with ultimate perfection! Contact us anytime.

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