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Luxury villas Ibiza has the right feeling for which villa suits which prospective buyer, our customers will quickly find what they are looking for.

Many years of experience, the best contacts and a strong network of efficient cooperation partners ensure that your desire for a luxury villa in Ibiza becomes reality. Are you interested in buying the villa or the apartment you have been dreaming of? CW exclusive villas Villas Ibiza team has a wide selection of exclusive properties in Ibiza and also luxury villas in Menorca. The luxury villas Ibiza team will help you finding your dream home. Call us at Tel. +34 604 101 816. We are looking forward to realize your dreams and to give you a home where you feel comfortable.

Luxury villas in Ibiza for sale

We provide a list of related items to choose for disposal. Please use our contact form. Send us your requirements and our team will send all the qualified properties by email. The CW real estate Ibiza will simplify your search. Write, send and get a list of all properties in Ibiza that we selected for you. If you want to buy an apartment, a finca ibiza or villa, we will support you from the concept to the completion of purchase.

Contact the CW Group team for luxury villas Ibiza

Take advantage of our service and invest your money in a Villa Ibiza! Benefit from our 20 years of experience and the extensive selection of the CW Ibiza real estate team. Over the years, we have built up one of the largest selections and contacts. Ibiza maintains the highest increase in value. Now it is time to buy. Please contact us via email or Tel. +34 604 101 816. Your Ibiza real estate Team, if you like to charter a privat jet, click here. You are looking for a Luxury villas rental Ibiza?

Villa with fantastic sea views walking...
Ref: CW-DIR-JV-33
Price: 3.190.000 €
Place: Santa Eulalia More Info
For sale a beautiful villa in Cala Jon...
Ref: CW-DIR-LUC-66
Price: 6.200.000 €
Place: Cala Jondal More Info
Spectacular luxury villa with panorami...
Ref: CW-NO-M-85
Price: 8.500.000 €
Place: Es Cubells More Info
Fantastic villas with sea and Es Vedra...
Ref: CW-N-R-22-3
Price: 2.050.000 €
Place: Cala Carbó More Info
Luxury villa high up in the mountains ...
Ref: CW-DIR-EDI-62
Price: 6.200.000 €
Place: Santa Eulalia More Info
Modern luxury villa close to the famou...
Ref: CW-N-C-495
Price: 4.950.000 €
Place: Benirras More Info
Blakstad finca in Santa Gertrudis with...
Ref: CW-N-CE-59
Price: 5.500.000 €
Place: Santa Gertrudis More Info
Luxury villa Can Buddha in Roca Lisa f...
Price: 3.100.000 €
Place: Roca Llisa More Info
Luxury villa for sale in the Mountains...
Ref: CW-N-S-65
Price: 6.500.000 €
Place: Morna Valley More Info
Luxury Villa with 6 rooms in Cala Cont...
Price: 3.500.000 €
Place: Cala Conta More Info
Beautiful finca located close to the l...
Ref: CW-NO-EM-25
Price: 2.500.000 €
Place: Benirras More Info
Luxury villa with 10 bedrooms and nice...
Price: 5.490.000 €
Place: Talamanca More Info
Modern chalet with panoramic sea views...
Ref: CW-DOM-33
Price: 3.300.000 €
Place: Cala d Hort More Info
Luxury villas with fantasic sea and su...
Ref: CW-NO-A-55
Price: 5.500.000 €
Place: Cala Tarida More Info
Luxury villa in San Miquell with stunn...
Price: 5.000.000 €
Place: San Miguel More Info
Amazing villa with sunset and sea view...
Ref: CW-NO-TR-4
Price: 4.000.000 €
Place: Cala Salada More Info
New build villa in Santa Gertrudis wit...
Ref: CW-DEN-54
Price: 5.400.000 €
Place: Santa Gertrudis More Info
Brand new built Blakstad finca for sal...
Ref: CW-D-IV-675
Price: 6.500.000 €
Place: Santa Gertrudis More Info
Modern Sea View Villa In Vista Alegre...
Price: 5.300.000 €
Place: Es Cubells More Info
Luxury property with panoramic sea vie...
Price: 11.000.000 €
Place: Calo D En Real More Info
Unique designer villa minutes away fro...
Price: 7.350.000 €
Place: Cala Jondal More Info
Luxury Villa for sale in Jesus in Ibiz...
Ref: CW-NAT-12
Price: 12.500.000 €
Place: Jesús More Info
Fantastic located Villa on the top of ...
Ref: CW-NO-VI-85
Price: 8.500.000 €
Place: Ibiza More Info
Luxury villa overlooking the Mediterra...
Ref: CW-NO-NL-58
Price: 5.800.000 €
Place: Ibiza More Info
Spectacular villa with 800m2 and 60000...
Ref: CW-PIC-892
Price: 8.925.000 €
Place: San Miguel More Info
Modern house for the whole family with...
Ref: CW-DK-295
Price: 2.950.000 €
Place: Cala Conta More Info
Exclusive Finca for sale near Ibiza...
Ref: CWM14
Place: Ibiza More Info
Large luxury Villa in Ibiza with view ...
Ref: CW-LAR-4
Price: 4.800.000 €
Place: San Agustín More Info
Real estate in Ibiza - Es Cubells 1st ...
Ref: CW-DAN-167
Price: 3.295.000 €
Place: Es Cubells More Info
Very nicely renovated real estate with...
Ref: CW-DOM-7178
Price: 3.500.000 €
Place: Cala Conta More Info
Great real estate only 6 km from Ibiza...
Ref: CW-N-BR-59
Price: 7.000.000 €
Place: San Rafael More Info
Noble private estate in finca style wi...
Ref: CW-M-R-39
Price: 3.300.000 €
Place: Santa Eulalia More Info
Minimalistic villa with ocean views in...
Ref: CW-DE-7-8
Price: 5.900.000 €
Place: Na Xamena More Info
Villa is in minimalist style for sale ...
Ref: CW-N-H-22
Price: 2.225.000 €
Place: Ibiza More Info
Modern villa with stunning sea views c...
Ref: CW-NO-NL-545
Price: 5.450.000 €
Place: Es Cubells More Info
New villa near the sea Cala Llena...
Ref: CW-DIR-227
Price: 2.285.000 €
Place: San Carlos More Info

Buy your property with CW Luxury Villas Ibiza !!!

Count on us to satisfy your real estate requirements and help you find Ibiza villas for sale. If you are looking for a house in the interior of Ibiza or a villa by the sea, our company will find you amazing opportunities - With our professional service, our team will help you find your dream apartments, villas or farms in Ibiza, here at Our team has years of experience helping individuals find the perfect Ibiza property, and we would love the opportunity to help you as well. If you search for a luxury villas for rent on Ibiza contact us and talk to Christian Wolf, who has the most exclusive villas in Ibiza for rent.

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Charleen Wolf

The CW Group presents his new Partner in Ibiza. Charleen Wolf will be from now on in the team of the CW Group and take over the management of the rentals department. We are delighted to offer luxury villas for short-term rental to our customers from now on.

Guidelines for the sale of real estate on Ibiza

Selling a property on Ibiza is art. The real estate market on Ibiza is competitive, and sellers of luxury real estate can achieve better results when they seek professional help from the CW Group ( luxury villas Ibiza ). The CW Group would like to introduce you to some of the most important basics of real estate sales, based on our own experience gained over more than 30 years.

Ibiza is not a big city like Madrid or London, whose market potential extends to a radius of up to 80 kilometers from the city center, but an island where many people want to own a second home, where you will find many real estate buyers around the world. The potential buyers in Ibiza are not looking for a villa in which they want to live all year round, rather a second or third residence. As a result, Ibiza's needs are secondary and place more emphasis on the quality of life that their luxury home can offer.

For this reason, the features of this market are that luxury villas in Ibiza are sold more slowly than low-end villas. Read more...

Find the right luxury villa in Ibiza

The Internet has become by far the most useful tool for those who are looking for buy a luxury villa, and typically the first step for any potential buyer is to search various objects on the World Wide Web. But it begs the question, if, as soon as one has found some interesting offers, it is always right to contact the brokers, which offer these objects, and arrange sightseeing appointments. Brokers you do not know and whom you may never have heard of before; Brokers who may not even identify themselves correctly on their homepage.

One option worth thinking about would be to first find out, in parallel to the internet search, which of the brokerage agencies whose real estate you are interested in is really qualified to cooperate. On Ibiza there are several very good agencies with an excellent reputation, a long experience and very good knowledge of the local conditions and offers, which strictly adhere to the ethical principles of brokerage. In addition, if you choose such an agency, you can rest assured that it will give you all the leverage to give you the time to meet you and find out your ideas as accurately as possible. As far as possible, a good broker will share his market knowledge with you and have recently made comparable sales calls, hoping to find exactly what you are looking for. If a good broker does not have an item suitable for you in his own portfolio, he will contact colleagues from other agencies and work with them on a shared commission basis.

The choice of the lawyer
CW luxury villas ibiza always recommends that buyers of a property in Spain seek a qualified lawyer to represent them, as well as a financial adviser who takes care of the tax matters. Once you have decided to buy a property here, it can be extremely useful to contact a lawyer in advance during your stay in Ibiza, even if you have not found your dream home yet. Because you may have to negotiate sales when you're back in your home country, and it's clearly more difficult to find a good lawyer from a distance than on the ground.

Do basic things in advance
The position of a buyer or a buyer can be strengthened in sales negotiations simply by having a lawyer, an NIE number (tax code for foreigners in Spain) and a bank account. This will enable him / her to make a down payment immediately if the offer is accepted. All the other details are taken care of.

Purchase of a luxury villa in Ibiza
When buying a luxury villa, a good broker will also be very helpful in negotiating the purchase price. One must never forget that a too low offer on your part will attract little interest from the seller and then be counterproductive.

A clearly worded offer will generally arouse the interest of the seller. We recommend including all negotiation points from the start, rather than negotiating piece by piece. If possible, submit a written offer (which, of course, must be contractually agreed when the deal is concluded). Not only the price must be given, but also the amount of the deposit, the time you can afford it and the possible date for the contract. You should also specify what you think should be included in the price (for example, furniture or equipment). One point that is often neglected: All technical equipment and installations should be in good working order. And if you have another property to choose from, you should inform the seller about it.

Your lawyer can also be consulted during negotiations to make sure the legal criteria in the offer are met. In more complicated negotiations, the lawyer can also actively intervene and help.

The purchase of a villa in Ibiza
The purchase of a property in Spain is actually a fairly straightforward process. The "last word" in terms of ownership of a property is the Land Registry. There you will immediately receive information as to whether the seller owns the property debt-free and without other charges. Unless the purchase price is paid immediately and in full, a private purchase contract is usually signed in which all the details are already set: the description of the object, the price, the terms of payment, the date of the notarial signature, date of transfer of ownership, etc. At Upon signing the private contract, a down payment will be made on the purchase price, which may vary widely depending on the contractual arrangements. Usually 10% down payment of the agreed price, if the conclusion for the next 30 to 60 days is fixed.

For new buildings that are not yet completed, the purchase price will be paid in several installments during the construction phase. All payments on account must be guaranteed by a bank or an insurance company in accordance with Law 38/1999: If the property is not completed by a specified date, the buyer has the right to reclaim the sums paid plus interest. In addition, another law obliges the builder to conclude a 10-year insurance for the buyer for any construction defects.

Once the entire purchase price has been paid, the seller will receive the notary title deed (escritura). The purchase of a luxury villa in Ibiza has been completed and checked by a CW Group lawyer.

CW Group - Luxury Villas Ibiza